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Flea & Worming- How often should this be done?

Felines/canines need to be wormed and flea treated regularly. It is recommended that kittens and puppies are wormed every 2 weeks until they are twelve weeks of age, then monthly until six months of age (please check your preferred product/s to confirm the age is it safe to begin treatment). After 6 months of age (depending on the product used), worming should occur every 3 months to maintain effective worm prevention. Preventative flea treatment should be administered monthly to felines/canines that spend time outdoors. Flea treatment is required less frequently for felines/canines that remain indoors (every 3-4 months).

If you notice any blood in your pet’s stool or ‘flea dirt’ present in your pet’s fur, it may be an indication that your pet is due a treatment. In this case, treatment/s should be purchased and administered in a timely manner. If in doubt, please contact your local vet for advice.

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1 Comment

Jenny Andrews Jayde
Jenny Andrews Jayde
Nov 07, 2023

Great information!

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