Thinking about adopting… 

Once you have been in contact with one of our Saving Animals Matters Rescue representatives, we can then email an application form to you/ or an online form can be completed via our website.

Upon receiving the completed form, we will then make an arrangement for you to meet the desired animal. Should the ‘meet and greet’ go well, and you would like to proceed with the adoption, the fee can be deposited via direct bank transfer to the rescue’s account. Once the fee has cleared, you will be able to take your new pet home!

Adoption Process

  1. Completion of the Adoption Application form. This can be obtained by emailing or completed via the below form.

  2. Meet and greet with the animal is arranged

  3. Adoption fee paid by via direct bank transfer

  4. Your new pet can be taken home

Please carefully read the ‘Animal Adoption Application/Agreement’ before completing the below application form. If you would like a copy of the manual Adoption Agreement, please click the below link.

Adoption Agreement – Click to download

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