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Thinking About Fostering…

We are always in need of foster care for rescue animals that find themselves homeless or facing euthanasia. Fostering an animal means providing a temporary home that is safe and loving until such time that a forever home can be found. We are inundated on a daily basis with animals in need, so are looking for like-minded animal lovers to join our team.

Adopting a foster care system allows us to better assess each animal’s personality and relevant needs. This process ensures we can place each animal into the most suitable forever home possible.

Important Notes To Consider…
  • The rescue does not receive any funding, so each carer will typically provide the standard items required for their fosters. We do however from time to time receive donations to assist with the upkeep of the animal’s currently in the rescue’s care. These donations are usually shared between our dedicated carers.

  • Cats and Kittens will need to be kept indoors for the duration that they remain in the rescue’s care. This is for their own protection and safety.

  • Dogs and Puppies will require secure a secure property with adequate fence height and no areas where they could potentially escape.

  • Carers will also need access to transportation for routine and emergency vet trips.

All in all, fostering is a truly rewarding experience. Carers have the opportunity to watch their fosters personalities develop, and experience the joy of finding the perfect forever home for each and every animal. Our experienced admin team are always on-hand for any support and advice needed. We aim to make this a positive experience for all.

Application Process…

If you wish to become a foster carer for Saving Animals Matters Inc., you must complete this application and sign and submit it to us complete with the required uploaded images/documentation outlined below. These should be emailed to

You will need to supply:

  • 3 Photos of the area where the foster will reside.

  • A copy of photo ID.

  • If renting, evidence of your rental being “pet friendly"

Please carefully read the 'Animal Foster Application/Agreement' terms & conditions before completing the below online application form. The fostering terms and conditions can be viewed here. 

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