Animals Available For Adoption

Looking to adopt a feline or canine companion? Then look no further! We have plenty of animals searching for forever homes- and chances are.... we have that special one for you.

Below are just a few benefits of adopting an animal from a rescue:


  1. You'll have the opportunity to adopt from a variety of animals

  2. They will help find the right match for you

  3. You'll save a life

  4. You'll help break the breeding/cruelty cycle

  5. You'll save money

  6. You'll receive a vetted pet

  7. You'll receive a new best friend

  8. Your adoption fee will go back into helping other animals

  9. You'll gain lifelong  support (can ask the rescue questions at any time)

  10. The animal can be returned if something unexpected occurs

All our animals come desexed, microchipped, have received their 1st vaccination, are flea treated, wormed and vet checked.​ 

Want more information about a specific animal or have questions about the adoption application process?

Feel free to send us a email at