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Keeping my cat indoors- Why is it so important?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

You may have noticed that many rescue groups will specify that adopted cats and kittens are to be kept indoors only. But why is this the case? Why is this something that many of them are so firm on? Is it really that important?

Simply put… YES! The wellbeing and safety of each cat and kitten that comes into the care of a rescue, is their absolute priority. They cannot in good conscience place an animal in a situation where their health and safety may be placed at risk.

The insistence on cats and kittens being kept indoors {with the exception of a secure and enclosed purpose built ‘cat run’/enclosure being provided} can be broken down into the following reasons:

a. A sizeable percentage of current rescue intakes consists of cats and kittens who have been permitted to roam outside. These animals are often taken to local veterinarian clinics and or/ pounds, where they are left unclaimed and subsequently surrendered to rescue groups.

b. A percentage of these animals have endured injuries (with some being fatal). Others have succumbed to contagious diseases and viruses through their interactions with other unvaccinated and unhealthy neighbouring animals.

c. The devastating impact roaming cats have on native wildlife.

With the above in mind in addition to the consideration that many councils are now prohibiting cats and kittens from roaming/leaving an owner’s property (enforced with fines)…. The best option for your cat or kitten is to consider keeping them indoors or to seek outdoor enclosure options.

DIY fixed & portable enclosures 🔗:

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1 Comment

Jenny Andrews Jayde
Jenny Andrews Jayde
Sep 25, 2023

Such a great post! Thanks for the sharing this information.

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