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Cat Laws- How will they affect you?

The 2011 ‘Cat Act’ came into effect in Western Australia Nov 1st, 2013. This legislation seeks to reduce the number of ‘unwanted cats in the community’, and unnecessary occurrences of euthanasia. With a strong focus on ‘responsible cat ownership’, specific requirements are now in place for W.A. cat owners; identification, registration, and sterilisation of domestic cats.

So what does this mean for you?

All cats that have reached six months of age are required to be:

  • microchipped

  • sterilised

  • registered with the relevant local government.

Your cat will be required to wear a collar and registration tag to ensure they can be easily identified and returned to you if they find themselves lost.

Sterilisation of older cats

While this legislation applies to cats of all ages, an exemption can be sort from a vet if the procedure is likely to have a negative impact on your cat’s health and welfare.

Cat Breeding

If you intend to breed your cat (even just once), you are considered a cat breeder. Cat breeders are required to apply for a permit from their local government.

If you intend to sell or give away a cat/kitten (even if free), you must ensure the cat is microchipped and sterilised prior to transfer. If the cat cannot be sterilised due to its young age, you must provide a prepaid sterilisation voucher to the new owner.

Limits on cat numbers

Many shires have limits on cat numbers (generally this is 2-3 cats). You will need to contact your local government to find out if they have introduced a local law to limit the numbers of cats that can be owned.

If your local government introduces a local law limiting cat numbers and you currently own more cats than it allows, you may keep the cats you currently own. However, you will not be able to buy or acquire any new cats until the number you own falls under the maximum permitted in the local law.

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Jenny Andrews Jayde
Jenny Andrews Jayde
Nov 07, 2023

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