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Nea SK5902


Hi, my name is Nea (Neapolitan Icecream) & I came into the care of S.A.M. rescue after being found by a good Samaritan at just 1 week of age without a mum on rural property. Unfortunately, I had sustained a severe injury to one of my legs- actually, I was missing a large ‘segment’ of this leg and what was left… wasn’t pretty. An experienced vet nurse offered to take me in & provide me with the specialist care I needed. After much time, tlc & many vet visits…. I am now ready to undergo the amputation surgery I need. I’m seeking a special someone who has an open heart & is willing to embark on this special journey with me.


While you might at this point be worried about the quality of life a 3-legged kitty like me may have, I’m here to assure you that it in no way stops me. I do all the things my 4-legged counterparts do & amabsolutely living my best life! Being raised by a mother of the human variety has meant I've have had a very different upbringing to a typical kitten. What do I mean by that? Well, the hand-rearing process has fostered very special relationships between myself and the human companions I keep, particularly my foster mother. While I'm in most cases a confident and independent kitten, I am still fairly dependent on human companionship and can at times be a wee bit demanding when it comes to the attention of my humans. I absolutely thrive on human affection. Yes, I'm a self proclaimed smooch. The biggest smooch. If there's space on a lap (any lap) to curl up on, I'll be there in the blink of an eye... AND if there isn't.... I'll make space. Yes, I'm that kinda kitten. As my foster mum tells the rescue S.A.M. folk, I’m a "sleep on your chest, snuggles under your chin" boy… & she’s not wrong, it’s my favourite place.

When I'm not snuggling with a willing participant- or lets be honest... an unwilling participant... you'll find me venturing into the unknown with my siblings. If there isn't a feline friend to embark on an adventure with? Well, the resident dog will do! Once I've exhausted all my investigative efforts, I'll gather, compartmentalise & stockpile all the goodies I've acquired on my adventures. Why? Well, I might need those things later!

So now the important stuff. What sort of home will I suit? An understanding owner who will help me navigate life without the use of my 4th leg. Cats? I'm a social butterfly who would do best in a home with another kittie. Dogs? While I haven't previously lived with companions of the canine variety, I have proven to be non-reactive when meeting them from the comfort of my pet carrier. It likely won't be love at first sight however- the rescue is confident that with time, I will adjust well to their company. Children? I'll be a-ok with children as long as they give me  time 'to chill' when I need it (preferably no children under the age of 3).

Special notes:

  • I will need a home with an outdoor cat run. This is non-negotiable.

  • I will need at least 1 x cat scratching post, at an appropriate height (one that I can use, but won’t fall from).

You may notice my adoption fee is a little higher. Let me explain why. The rescue has acquired some serious debt in the way of vet bills, particularly with my rescue case. Why? Because they seldom say no to helping animals in need and sometimes those animals require expensive emergency vet treatment. Rather than shamelessly spamming social media for tends of thousands of dollars, they hope my adoption fee will make a small contribution towards those costs. If you would like to make a donation towards these costs, they can write you a tax receipt to claim your donation back on tax (anything over $2)


Adoption is fee of $550 and covers 1st vaccination, de-sexing, microchip, worming, flea treatment and vet check. Animals are ready for their forever homes typically once they reach 9 weeks of age and vet work has been completed. Please note* adoption fees do not cover microchip transfer costs. This can be obtained from the lovely SAM team upon request. 


Health check, microchip, sterilisation, up-to-date vaccination, flea and worming treatment


Indoor only, home with dogs, home with cats


Young children

Age: Approx 14 wks old

Gender: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair X Siamese

Colour: Tabby Point
Location: Waikiki


Here at Saving Animals Matters, we pride ourselves on matching each individual animal to the most suitable and compatible home for them. It is through this thorough process that we can give both the rescued animals and their new human companions the best chance at a happy and fulfilling life together.


If you think this animal could be the perfect match for you, please apply online via the 'Adopt Link' or alternatively you can the email us at


Please understand that our rescue is run by volunteers. We will always try our best to be as responsive as possible and will get back to you as soon as we can.

The rescue operates from:

9am- 5pm Monday to Friday

9am- 4pm Saturday

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