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Millee SC1374


Hi, my name’s Millee & I sadly found myself and in poor health at a local vet. A respiratory had not only affected our ability to thrive, but our vision too! So much so that one of my siblings has required eye surgery & the rest of us have sustained permanent damage to our eyesight. Now before you go to click ‘back space’, ‘exit’, ‘return’ or abort my profile…. I’d like to make it very clear that I still retain good vision {and} the damage to my right eye has had little baring on my quality of life.

As I'm sure you can tell from my pictures, I'm no ordinary kittie. I like people. I like people a lot. One could class me as a ‘smoocher’. What’s a smoocher you ask? Well.... it's a kitty that absolutely adores, I mean yearns for the company of their human counterparts. The sort of kitty that seeks any opportunity to have a snuggle, and they’re not fussy where. And what if this kitty isn't successful on their snuggle request ventures? Well, you best be prepared to hear about it in the form of tail flicks, meows, head boops, knocking items from your hands (in protest), nudges, zoomies between your legs... Likely combination of those things. N' when I'm not curled up into someone (anyone's) lap? You'll find me fully engaged in an exploration adventure followed closely by my siblings... wait, I mean 'pride'. All in all I'm a courageous, spirited, curious & inquisitive king to be.... Yes, that's me!

So now the important stuff. What sort of home will I suit? Due to my affectionate nature, I'd best suit a home seeking a companion kittie. Cats? I will thrive in a home with an existing kittie or 2. No kitties? That's fine... I'm ok with being your one and only! Dogs? I’m currently in care with a doggie and have adjusted well to their company. Children? I am great with children, however, would prefer a home without children under the age of 3.


Adoption fee is $300 which covers 1st vaccination, de-sexing, microchip, worming, flea treatment and vet check. Animals are ready for their forever homes typically once they reach 9 weeks of age and vet work has been completed. Please note* adoption fees do not cover microchip transfer costs. This can be obtained from the lovely SAM team upon request. 


Health check, microchip, sterilisation, up-to-date vaccination, flea and worming treatment


Indoor only, home with cats, home with dogs


Young children

Age: Approx 4+ mths old

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Colour: Black & White
Location: Waikiki

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