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Gloria SK6320


Hi, my name’s Gloria & I came into the care of the rescue after finding myself homeless, at a local pound. Thankfully the rescue found a wonderful carer who was able to take me in. 


I'm regal looking kitten with sparkling eyes and floofy coat with splashes of ginger, which and black! I am a vision of absolute purrfection. I mean, I've got the sorta eyes you would get lost in. The sorta eyes that will have you tending to my every whim. Well they do say cat owners are servants to their masters, ahem, cats. 

Other than being blessed with incredible good looks, I have a sweet & placid disposition- which means I'll be in need of a quieter sort of home. I prefer to sit back and take in my surroundings rather get all up in your grill and harass you for attention. But wait wait wait.... That's not to say that I'm not affectionate, because I can be.... I'm just more mindful of you know, personal space. I would suit an adopter that ISN'T seeking an over the top affectionate kinda kittie. The sort that won't let you go to the bathroom in peace. We will still cuddle, but it will be at an appropriate time, in an appropriate place. Your privacy is valued. 

So now the important stuff. What sort of home will I suit? I am seeking a quiet and patient home that will provide me plenty of time to adjust to all the changes that come with an adoption. Cats? Purrrfecto with other kitties. Dogs? Currently in care with some pooches and enjoy their company. Children? I am not suited to a home with young, boisterous children however....  will be ok with kidlets who are respectful of my space.


Adoption fee is $450 which covers 1st vaccination, de-sexing, microchip, worming, flea treatment and vet check. Animals are ready for their forever homes typically once they reach 9 weeks of age and vet work has been completed. Please note* adoption fees do not cover microchip transfer costs. This can be obtained from the lovely SAM team upon request. 


Health check, microchip, sterilisation, up-to-date vaccination, flea and worming treatment


Indoor only, home with cats, home with dogs


Young children

Age: Approx 7+ old

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Colour: Calico Tortie
Location: Karnup

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