Cinnamon NK1131

Age: Approx 4 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Colour: Tabby
Location: PetStock Rockingham

Flea Treated

Vet Check



1st Vaccination

All Wormed


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Indoor Only


Hi my name is Cinnamon Bun & I was surrendered with a large number of kitties from the same property. Being with so many others, it unfortunately meant the amount of human interaction I’d had was limited. Thankfully the rescue saw my potential (I am actually pretty sweet!) and offered to take me in.

I'm going to level with you here... I am a very timid kittie. I find new things scary and at times overwhelming- so it can take me time to adjust to change. That said, I am now accepting of pats and can be picked up (when I am having a good day!). I’ve learning that people mean me no harm, and their attention and affections can actually be pretty great!. I still have a long road ahead, however the rescue is confident that with the right home, my confidence will continue to develop. 

I am currently in care with other kitties and have adapted fabulously to their company. I would suit a home with an existing kittie who is confident and affectionate. The rescue hopes that the modelling of these behaviours will encourage me to relax in unfamiliar environments and in the company of unfamiliar people. Note* introductions should be done with care and consideration.

Unfortunately I would not suit a busy home with young children or doggies and would likely revert to old behaviours. This should be taken into consideration when considering to adopt me. I would prefer a quieter environment with an adopter who is willing to continue working on my confidence with people. I will need patience and plenty of understanding.


Adoption fee is $350 and covers 1st vaccination, de-sexing, microchip, worming, flea treatment and vet check. Animals are ready for their forever homes typically once they reach 9 weeks of age and vet work has been completed. Please note* adoption fees do not cover microchip transfer costs. This can be obtained from the lovely SAM team upon request. 


Here at Saving Animals Matters, we pride ourselves on matching each individual animal to the most suitable and compatible homes for them. It is through this thorough process that we can give both the rescued animals and their new human companions the best chance at a happy and fulfilling life together.


If you think this animal could be the perfect match for you, please apply online via the Adopt Link or alternatively you can the email us at


Please understand that our rescue is run by volunteers. We will always try our best to be as responsive as possible and will get back to you as soon as we can.

The rescue operates from:

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Note* The rescue does not adopt to a home where the existing dog is of the same sex.