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Beetle NK6480


Hi, my name’s Beetle & I came into the care of the rescue with my kittens after being found fending for ourselves on rural property. I was then taken to a local pound where I did my impound time. Thankfully the rescue had an experienced carer who was able to take us on and work on our trust with people.

If my stunning black coat, & sparkling peppers doesn't manage to captivate you, my wondrous personality is sure to do the trick. Curious? I'll tell you more....

Why my initial timidity might have you questioning whether I could be the one for you, I can assure you that it'll be short lived. You see, I like to first suss out the company I keep.... to see if they're 'the good sort' {as I'm sure you are!}. Once I've done this, my cheeky personality really begins to shine through... You see, my confidence levels really up their game... Curious, playful, adventurous I am those things and more. I love to investigate new and exciting things... Making it my personal mission to explore every nook 'n' cranny of ANY and EVERY space. I tend to accumulate souvenirs from all of my ventures and stash them in 'inappropriate' places for safe-keeping. When I’m not engaged in bouts of exploration, you’ll find me engaged in rough n’ tumble play with a victim or two (siblings) of my choosing. My foster mother describes me as a ‘smiling assassin’ as I take care and consideration when stalking my prey. I like them surprised…. As it gives me the edge when our wrestling match ensues. When all that is said and done, I’ll catch up some z's somewhere comfy. It's during these times that you may see some my affection potential. While I’m not super smoochy…. I’m getting there. I just need time and plenty of patience. 

So now the important stuff. What sort of home will I suit? I am needing a home that will be A-OK with my mischievous happenings …. but also, one that won’t force affections (this will occur when I’m comfortable). Cats? Yes, yes, yes!! Dogs? Currently in care with a dog and enjoy their company. Children? I'm not suited to a home with young, boisterous children however....  will be ok with kidlets who are respectful of my space (3+ yrs of age). 


Adoption fee is $400 which covers 1st vaccination, de-sexing, microchip, worming, flea treatment and vet check. Animals are ready for their forever homes typically once they reach 9 weeks of age and vet work has been completed. Please note* adoption fees do not cover microchip transfer costs. This can be obtained from the lovely SAM team upon request. 


Health check, microchip, sterilisation, up-to-date vaccination, flea and worming treatment


Indoor only


Young children , home with cats, home with dogs

Age: Approx 7+ wks old

Gender: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Colour: Black
Location: Stirling

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